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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yo-yo yo-yo

Today, my youngest and I visited Living History Farms. Located in Urbandale, IA, this is truly living history. I really liked this day because 1) I got to meet new-to-me homeschool moms (Hi to Heather and Laura!) and 2) THE ANNUAL QUILT SHOW.

Living History Farms has a lot more than what is on display at the exhibits. There is an entire building of stuff archived elsewhere on the property. Once a year, different quilts from the archived collections appear in the Church of the Land (here and officially, down the page here). The stories of the quilts are just plain fun to read, the quilts are great to look at, and the volunteers working the event are nice to talk to.

I loved to look at the yo-yo's!

This is really not a quilt -- there is no backing or batting. It is more of a bedspread, and it's all yo-yo's! Love it!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home schooling

I haven't posted anything about home schooling for a long time. Home schooling has been very good for our family. One thing they enjoy is the freedom to move around. For example, reading on the kitchen counter or in a recliner.

This is part of Simple Lives Thursday, 11th edition, hosted partly by local mama, Diana.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pile of scrap

Some call it therapy, others support, more people call it fun. I call it all of the above. I went to my first Crop Night at Archivers this weekend. I'd never attended in the past because I figured for the money charged and food included, I wouldn't get my money's worth. Enter the new and improved crops, where you pay $5 to reserve your spot and get $5 in merchandise credit. That is a virtually free crop, plus the amenities of die cut machines and great lighting, so I'm all in.

I have a lot of journaling to add now. Busy week.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

The future of baggies

I've seen cloth snack and sandwich bags for a couple years now, but haven't made the dive into using them. Until I saw this helpful review at Kitchen Stewardship. I really like the thought of the Wrap-n-Mat.

We use cloth placemats and napkins already when picnicking because they don't blow away like their paper equivalents. We don't have much plastic baggage on such occasions. I'll have re-usable containers. But I usually just clear out the pantry and fridge, and pack an entire loaf of bread, and entire jar of jelly, etc. Everyone makes their own sandwich(es) on site. I'll have one sandwich-sized plastic bag with a wet washcloth for cleanup and storing sticky knives and spoons.

But I'm thinking about school lunches. I now have two high school kids making lunches every day. How do you get a high school kid to use a wrap-n-mat? Discussions will be following.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Why did I hesitate to rubber stamping and card making for so long?! Good question. I didn't want to use stamps because I knew they would give me, as a new scrapper, more choices than I wanted to deal with. And they required an investment. Stamps take up space (a lot) and require money.

Now that I have several colors of ink and more than a few stamps, especially alphabets, I find myself making cards more and more frequently. I don't need my _entire_ table like I do for scrapbooking, and I don't make much mess.

The cards you see here were not very complicated, which means just a few minutes of time were taken. I know, blogger turns my photos. Just tilt your head. The folds are on the right hand side -- right is "up."

The alphabet stamps have definitely been a good investment. They are not consumable like stickers, and I can make them be any color I want.

I also have watercolor paints in the form of pencils, cakes, and tubes. The front of the Father's Day card here came to me in a dream. It's a monogram for the recipient, and looks a lot like the bath towels we had growing up. Because I'm not layering embellishments and attaching them to the card and/or using crazy amounts of matting, these cards are not labor intensive.

I had an extremely cute card designed for my SIL. In my head. Doh! My great card idea was forgotten before I had the occasion to make and give it. If I ever have the occasion to celebrate another certification, degree, or similar accomplishment, I'll have to use my idea. Moral: make time to make cards. Review your calendar and plan accordingly.