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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On to Jean

Jean asked for a swiffer cover. Here is the yarn, good ol' sugar and cream brand. I have already started the project. It is pretty quick to finish. Jean may even have her swiffer cover on Friday!

Because of Jean, I have continued my home economics education in the way of coupons and bargain hunting. I have a heightened awareness of the cost of "stuff" since joining her coupon train and related discussion group earlier this month. Thank you!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Crafting in MN

We spent a week in northwest MN. I did a little crafting -- with the kids and on my own. I totally copied the Family Fun Magazine and gave the kids materials for rock necklaces and God's eyes.
I remember making god's eyes when I was growing up. The boys were all over the rock necklaces.

The swiffer cover that you see here is complete now. I have started to make yet another swiffer cover for a friend. I also got an idea to make dishcloths for my sister, based on a comment her husband made.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Maria! It's one third done!

Hey-o to my SIL Maria. She saw the swiffer cover and asked me to make one for her. I am glad to reduce my leftover yarn! This is another Lion Cotton yarn. I bought it to make some Easter eggs. The girls and I ran lengths of yarn through white glue, then covered inflated balloons with as many lengths of yarn as we saw fit. When the glue dried, we popped the balloons, removed them from the yarn web, and were left with "Easter eggs."

Now the yarn is being used for a swiffer cover. I do not know any other project to use this colorway on. Hopefully, it will withstand much use, yielding clean floors for her.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swiffer cover completed

It is done and on the swiffer. As my not always positive yet always curious FIL pointed out, (in my much nicer paraphrase) it doesn't have the "magnet stuff" to attract dirt like the store bought covers. Despite that fact, I think it will perform satisfactorily for dry, unmagnetized swiffer action, and very, very nicely for wet swiffer action. See the texture of the seed stitch? I think it should work well.

Oh yeah, even if I "have too much time on my hands" (his words), I do not see me crafting for him in the future. "Thank you for the thought" may be a nice phrase for people to learn, even if they don't appreciate a handmade gift. I will practice that phrase myself now. Thank you for reading here.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Olio is always the crossword puzzle answer for potpourri. This is a potpourri post, and since that is such a long word to type, I am substituting the word olio. OK, on to the post.

Off the sticks: sweater ornaments and a mitten. Thought you would want to see a sample of the mitten. Each mitten is different -- striping, flecks, etc. But they are all red and white. They could fit a baby, so they are not tiny as in unwearable, but babies are tiny and cute, and so are my mittens, IMHO. I plan to make small wire clothes hangers for the sweaters.

On the sticks: a swiffer cover. It's for my mother-in-law. She is the only person I know with a swiffer. Unless there is a closeted swiffer user who hasn't revealed him/herself to me as such. I found the idea and pattern at Marie's blog, smariek. I found smariek through Bobbi's blog. And I found Bobbi's blog through Ia Home Educators. I am looking forward to getting more involved with that group.

Anyway, a re-usable swiffer cover would be great for people who want a more textured surface for cleaning with (read: more scrubbing action instead of wiping action) and for those who want less waste in the world. If you read the local "paper" dmJuice (I use the word "paper" lightly in this case), Ia Home Educator member Sara lists "7 ways to go green," including, "Use cloth around the house." And it reduces my leftover yarn.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Heather, it's all here

Homeschool friend Heather traded our Japanese Girls Day dolls for this tent. I am including a not-so-good picture of it here because I want you to see 6'1" Mr. GAIN near the tent in order to appreciate our trade. He can stand up inside. Heather was very concerned that we check to make sure all the parts were included. Yes, Heather, every little thing is here -- all the accessories that we didn't put up, even a night light and remote control. For more information on Japanese Girls Day, click here or here. To learn about trading an item for the dolls, visit A Bus 4 A Bus.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Storage control

I did an intervention on myself over the weekend by emptying my storage chest and organizing it for the first time ever. Yarn is now kept with its yarn wrapper, patterns are in a folder or binder, Christmas projects are separated from other projects in smaller storage containers, you get the idea.

Yesterday, I found some knitting books that I like at the Franklin Ave. branch of the Des Moines Public Library. I love the entire collection shown in _Classic Knits_, by Erika Knight. If only I had the money for all that yarn. I also looked at _Holiday Knits_, by Sara Lucas and Allison Isaacs. I only liked the placemats, and that would require making more than two of something. A bigger time investment than I care to make.

After flipping through a couple other books off the knitting shelves, I decided to rip out my Janis tank, which I never wore, and turn it into a tank top with no dropped stitches. I already re-worked it once, and I am just not happy with it. Hopefully, the new tank top will be small enough to wear. It may end up looking similar to the Ribbed Ribbon Tank in _Hip To Knit_, by Judith L. Swartz.

On the near horizon for knitting: a swiffer mop cover a la smariek and a gift for my godchild.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

This blog is rated G

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Rate your blog

I knew everyone would want to know if this blog was safe to read with children around, so I read from Heather's blog (not the barterbus Heather) that I could have a rating if I visited Mingle. So there you have it -- No bad words here.

I have been knitting tiny sweaters and mittens for Christmas. I have ten mittens done. I have eight to ten more to make. I have to do a quick niece and nephew count again to make sure. I have one more sweater to finish my own children's ornaments. I have the solid blue sweater, pictured in an earlier post, plus three Lion Brand Magic Stripe sweaters. I may keep the solid one for myself. I have an ornament collection that my smart mother started it for me when I was just an infant.

All the ornaments have different stripe patterns. I'll get a photo up when they are all done.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cool Fourth of July

I look at photography as a craft and art. Some times I will use my photos in scrapbooks, other times on our walls. Here the kids attempt to spell the word "cool" with their sparklers. The picture looks pretty cool. It's was A's idea. I changed the exposure value on my camera from 0 EV to 1.3 EV (I think) to get this photo. And do not forget the tripod.

We got eaten up by mosquitoes while playing with sparklers, so each kid used only one box of six sparklers. They tell me that leaves each of them two boxes to use at the lake later this month. Smart kids, eh?